The ACES Podcast: Episode 14

Cover image for the ACES Podcast Episode 14, featuring Patton'd Studios Creative in Chief Molly Patton.
Looking for a new podcast to tune into? Why not check out The ACES Podcast podcast by ACES.

From PhD students to some of Australia’s leading research scientists, podcast producer Sam Findlay some incredible guests from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES) network.

Each guest shares their own personal (and often illuminating) perspectives on what it’s like to work in science their career journeys, highlights, challenges and tips for those listeners who may be looking to follow a similar path.  

Episode 14 features Patton’d Studios’ very own Creative in Chief. Molly talks about her background in studying both science and arts, and her background in research, founding the Studio and communicating science through visual design.

She also delves into the process behind the Studio’s recent journal cover featured in the Royal Society of Chemistry on Next-Gen Nanomaterials and her hopes for better dialogue between designers and researchers in a post-COVID world. 

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