Celebrating success with journal covers

denim fibres being dissolved and remade as part of the textiles recycling process
Journal covers are some of our favourite creative projects! They’re a real chance to let loose and create some scientific artworks (#sciart) whilst collaborating with researchers and this year has seen some cracking covers produced in the Studio!

We do journal covers a little differently in the Studio. Our aim is to be subtly accurate; referencing the correct molecules and/or processes to visualise the science, but appropriated into something could just as easily be framed and hung on a wall.

A mockup gallery of Patton'd Studios' journal covers. Each cover is framed and is presented like a hanging piece of art.

This is no easy feat to achieve. Journal covers require extensive research and flawless communication between research, creative director and designer. This may seem excessive, but our process has been tried and tested. Having a creative director with experience reading scientific papers, helps us ensure the delicate balance between scientific relevance is maintained throughout the design process – regardless of subject matter or style.

“Our artists produce all kinds of illustration styles. As more people join the Studio’s network of incredible creative talent, there aren’t many styles we can’t produce.”

Molly Patton, Founder and Creative in Chief

So far, the Studio’s predominant journal cover genres have been energy, biomaterials, and nanomaterials. However, our recent induction into the Association of Medical Illustrators sees us keen to broaden our scope. The Association of Medical Illustrators allows us to delve into artworks connected to medical innovations, biological and natural science. We are confident this new venture will provide new opportunities for both Patton’d Studios, and the talented medical artists we have in our creative network.

If you have an idea for a journal cover, or are curious about any of our other services, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us or schedule a free 30-minute chat with our creative director to get the ball rolling on your next journal cover artwork


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