CWA Victoria knits dolls for animation about epilepsy

The Cheeky Neurons are teaming up with Patton'd Studios to create a new animation. The video will feature a range of knitted characters that were created by CWA of Victoria members of the Wimmera region.

The dolls, purchased from the Country Women’s Association (CWA) Victoria, Horsham shop over the course of a decade, will star in the stop-motion animation “Seizures and how to Help”alongside the crocheted Cheeky Neurons and their friends.

Hand-crafted dolls knitted by Victoria's Country Women's Association.
About the Cheeky Neurons

The Cheeky Neurons began as a student project when their creator, Jo Adams, was studying a Masters of Science Communication. Combining her love of craft with her passion for neuroscience, Jo created The Cheeky Neurons with a goal to help children and their families understand epilepsy – a neurological condition that affects around 250,000 Australians.

Jo met Molly Patton, the Found and Creative Director of Patton’d Studios, through their shared passion for making scientific information accessible.

“I was really drawn to the creative spin that Jo puts on neuroscience: a notoriously difficult subject to explain. Using crafted characters to explain tricky topics is a great way to engage audiences and overcome barriers in science communication.”

– Molly Patton, Founder and Creative in Chief

About Patton'd Studios

Patton’d Studios specialises in conbining science with creative design. Working with research groups and organisations around the country, Molly and her team bring design principlesto scientific presentations, workshops and digital media to improve understanding and accessibility. 

Together, molly and Jo are heading the production of this new joint venture to create a family-friendly guide to understanding the neuroscience of seizures and what any person can do to help. The animation will be used as a component of The Cheeky Neurons’ school program as well as being available online for the world to enjoy. 

“The CWA of Victoria members who created these adorable knitted dolls are so talented and we send them our thanks. We are proud to be able to showcase their work to the global community alongside this important message that any brain can have a seizure, and any person can help.”

– Jo Adams, The Cheeky Neurons

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This article was originally published in the Victorian Country Woman, Volume 60, Number 2, March 2019.

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