First Illustrator and Design Workshop for Researchers a Hit!

Last week we launched our Adobe Illustrator and Design Workshop at Deakin University’s Burwood campus.

Over two days, participants were taken through the in’s and out’s of Adobe Illustrator; a notoriously mind-bending software, Ai has claimed many-a-person’s sanity – particularly over that pesky pen tool! 

Step-by-step, our creative in chief Molly went through everything; from the very basics of navigating the screen layout, to the various tools and their applications, and finally, how to export documents for various uses. 

“The feedback has been beyond anything I could have hoped for! People were positive and engaged really well with the content.”

Molly Patton, Founder and Creative in Chief

Following its conclusion, there has been lots of interest to present the workshop at other institutions and we are very excited to make that happen heading into 2018. Have a read of what participants had to say:


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