ICONN 2018 promo release

Patton’d Studios is incredibly proud to release the promotional video for ICONN following the conference’s conclusion last Friday.

The video presented a dual opportunity to showcase the Studio’s growing video and motion graphics capabilities in addition to providing conference-goers with some unexpected entertainment. 

The footage itself is the product of iron filings, a suspension of iron oxide and some very strong magnets filed on a marble bench-top.

“We are incredibly pleased with the result, it’s a great example of using science in art and art in science – something we are very big on in the Studio.”

Molly Patton, Creative in Chief

The footage “premiered”last Monday at the conference opening and was seen by some 700 scientists – including three Nobel Prize recipients! Molly also travelled to the University of Wollongong where the conference was held and gave a talk on the role of art, design and storytelling in science research and commercialisation.

Patton’d Studios would very much like to thank Toorak College, in Melbourne for allowing us to use their laboratory resources at such short notice. Without their generosity, this video may not have come together in time.


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