Lab Notes Podcast: The Art of Science

Looking for a new podcast to tune into? Why not check out the Lab Notes podcast by Eon Labs?

Eon Labs director Leo Stevens hosts some incredible guests in the fields of science, technology, entrepreneurship (and design) in the Lab Notes Podcast.

Each guest contributes unique and interesting perspectives on topics ranging from fundamental (blue sky) research to translation and commercialisation, entrepreneurship, journalism and science communication through the lens of their individual experiences and career journeys.

Episode 8: The Art of Science features our very own Creative in Chief, Molly chatting all things soccer and how her experience as a goalkeeper has developed her “hands-on” approach to leading creative teams.

She also shares her experience in research that led to the founding of Patton’d Studios and expand on her steadfast belief in the power of design to attract new channels of funding and support for scientists and innovators of all stripes.

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