Our new (free) design workshop is now live!

Our new free design workshop is live and ready for viewing! As of today, anyone can sign up and watch the free workshop at their leisure.

The video combines the best bits of previous presentations Molly has given over the years and distilled it down into an info-packed 30 minute session. Throughout the workshop you’ll be introduced to the dual impact of design and how it is so much more than polished imagery.

We know you’re incredibly busy and we wouldn’t ask for 30 minutes of your time unless we were confident those who signed up would get something out of it. So on top of receiving a rapid-fire introduction to design and design thinking, Molly also outlines the Studio’s new design pipeline. This pipeline formalises the process we’ve used to help dozens of clients, all over the world, attract new opportunities and further their outreach goals.

Previously this was a presentation I gave in person which really limited the reach of the message we’re trying to spread. I’m really excited to make this workshop accessible to everyone to help spread the word about the impact of design in science and innovation.

Molly Patton, Creative in Chief

Whether you’re in academia, industry or founding a start-up, this workshop is a great introduction for those wondering whether the investment in design is worth it – spoiler alert: is absolutely is!

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Sign up below, or via the link on our home page to gain direct access to our free design workshop.

If you’re keen to get in touch afterward we’ll have several points of contact available on the page for you to ask any questions, book a free chat, or even start a project.   


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