SciART Livestream: How design positively impacts science

SCIArt livestream logo and cover image.
Looking for some easy listening this Sunday? Why not check out Gaius and Jenn on the SCIArt livestream?

The SCIArt livestream channel features a range of media from process videos to in-depth panels with guests contributing their thoughts on science communication (scicomm) and the impact of art and design on boosting public engagement in scientific discussions.

Episode 4 doubles as both a panel discussion and streaming video featuring our very own Creative in Chief, Molly Patton (@mollyk_p).

In the hour-long live stream, Molly, Gaius and Jenn work on their current projects whilst sharing their different perspectives on how art and design can positively impact science research – beyond simply “making it prettier” – the challenges faced by scientists and artists in generating more open dialogue and starting collaborations between to very different industries with amazing potential to help one another. 

More episodes and interesting content by Gaius and Jenn are available on the SCIArt Livestream channel

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