SEE Labs named in Australia’s top 3 cleantech start-ups

We are thrilled to announce that our friends at SEE Labs have just been named in Australia's top 3 cleantech start-ups at this year's ClimateLaunchpad competition.

Last Friday (August 27), Australia’s top eight clean technology (cleantech) start-ups pitched their ideas and their strategies to compete for a $50,000 prize and kickstart their start-up ideas! The competition was diverse (and tight) with everything from ocean clean-up to reducing digital emissions.

Our friends at SEE Labs have developed a concept that breathes new life into old electric vehicle (EV) batteries and repurposing them for light vehicles in India. By extracting viable materials from depleted EV batteries and reassembling them into ready-to-use batteries for light vehicle manufacturers in India they hope to mitigate the climate change and pave the path for a more sustainable, greener economy.

“The opportunity that ClimateLaunchpad has given us is an immense support and showcased that people like us working hard and fighting against climate change can make their dreams come true in providing advanced solutions for the environment.”

– Nanditha Sirigiri, Founder of SEE Labs

Storytelling through visuals

In every project that crosses our desk, there’s a story. Pitch decks provide a great medium to tell that story; connecting with people through personal anecdotes backed up by market research and data!

However, it’s important to remember: 

a research presentation is not a pitch deck; the former focuses on the “what”, the latter focuses on the “why” and “how.”

If you want to engage potential collaborators and investors, it’s the “why” and “how” that will capture their attention – save the “what” for the follow-up meeting!

We had a blast working with SEE Labs on their pitch deck, they were organised, provided all the information we needed and trusted us to design a deck that told their story, and reflected the quality of their idea, and the research behind it.

“Our job is to make the visuals reflect the quality of the idea and the science behind it – the rest is up to them. SEE Labs have done a stellar job, trusted us to do ours and the result speaks for itself!”

– Molly Patton, Founder and Creative in Chief

What is ClimateLauchpad?

ClimateLaunchpad is the world’s biggest cleantech and green business ideas competition designed to provide early-stage cleantech start-ups with the resources, guidance and support to pitch their ideas and develop them into something feasible, scalable, investible – and of course, impactful! Christopher Lee, CEO of Climate-KIC Australia, the organisation responsible for running the competition in Australia says,

“The idea is to get people with great innovations to tackle climate change to be able to make that innovation commercial – to get it out of the lab and into the world where it can make real impact.”

Watch this space!

The SEE Labs team now progresses to the South-East Asia & Oceania Regional Final in September. We look forward to following their journey and seeing them pitch their idea against other cleantech start-ups on an international stage.

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