Yfoundations Campaign for Youth Homelessness Matters Day

Posters of statistics about youth homelessness and the challenges homeless young people have everyday.
We're typically known for creating visuals that communicate scientific research, but you might be surprised just how much research is done on the topic of youth homelessness.

And why wouldn’t there be? As an important social issue, an extensive knowledge base is crucial to understanding the reasons why youth homelessness occurs and how we can help.

As a keystone organisation representing young people at risk of, and experiencing homelessness, the engagement generated by Yfoundations‘ communications is crucial to generating conversation about youth homelessness.

Encouraging conversations about homelessness amongst young people is essential. Only by continuing to talk about it, can we develop better, relevant, long term solutions to support our homeless youth.  

What goes into a national campaign?

The purpose of Youth Homelessness Matters Day (YHMD) is to improve public awareness about youth homelessness. We thoroughly enjoyed working on behalf of Yfoundations to once again develop marketing material and media as part of this year’s Youth Homelessness Matters Day 2021 campaign.

These included a campaign handbook, informational posters, and social media posts for those participating in the campaign to use and distribute throughout their network to help raise awareness about youth homelessness.

Re-purposing content for greater reach

As part of the lead up to Youth Homelessness Matters Day, we also adapted some of this media into a spread for their feature in non-profit editorial: The Big Issue which was distributed across their 7,000 vendors nation-wide.

Adshel advertisement showing statictis about youth homelessness and the everyday challenges they face.

Working with Molly and Patton’d Studios on campaigns is always a dream. The team communicates very openly and clearly, and they nail the brief every time (often providing a few options)!

– Caitlyn Ellender, Yfoundations

Yfoundations' new look

The campaign was created in line with Yfoundations’ fresh new look which Patton’d Studios collaborated on and developed last year.

We re-worked the logo, assigned new colours and typefaces, generated new icons to represent each of the 5 foundations, re-worked previously developed infographics and photography, and produced the artwork for their new podcast Young & Homeless.

“Yfoundations are a wonderful group with whom we’ve built a great working relationship with over the past 12 months. Their continued trust in us to create visuals that shine a light on youth homelessness in a considered and respectful way is something we don’t take on lightly and I think we have all learnt a lot from working with them.”

– Molly Patton, Founder and Creative in Chief

This has been one of the most extensive brand rollouts we’ve created to-date and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing everything come together across their website and social platforms, print media and merchandise.

YHMD was be held on Wednesday, 21st April 2021. You can catch up on all the events via the hashtag #YHMD2021.

If you are experiencing homelessness visit the links below. 

Working with non-profits​

This isn’t our first project in the volunteer and non-profit space. We had a blast working on the recent rebranding rollout of  Women in Science Parkville Precinct, (WiSPP), a grassroots-driven Australian non-profit organisation committed to improving and transforming the systems that limit the diversity of leadership in medical research. 

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